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As women, we used to attend each other's births as friends, neighbors, family members and those other members of our community who were in need.  Due to the way we have shaped our society - this is often not possible for many women.  This is the reason we have the role of the doula - to help women navigate the world of birth.

If you are interested in having me as your doula - you can contact me - and we will set up a time for an initial consultation.  If at the end of our meeting you are interested in working with me- we will discuss future meetings, ways for you to be proactive, and preparations to make for your optimal birth experience.

I believe that ALL women should have the opportunity to give birth in the way that feels best to them, in terms of cost this means I work on a sliding scale.  

Below is a guide to payment for an Annual Salary for a family of 2:
(this is a jumping off place to begin a conversation about payment)
less than $25,000:                        lets talk! :)
$25,000-38,000:                          $1200
$38,000- 50,000:                         $1800
over $50,000:                               $2300
How this Works
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