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"Words cannot express our gratitude for your guidance and presence during one of the most critical and profound experiences of our life!  Having you to walk us through this journey has been such a blessing upon our life and will truly never be forgotten!"
                        ~ S & G
"We are so grateful to you for supporting us through what was one of the most joyful experiences of our family's lives. We loved having you at S's birth and the support, guidance, and kindness you gave in preparation made us all feel more prepared.  It was not always the easiest of pregnancies- your presence and thoughts were such gifts!"
                                            ~T & J
"Your warm, grounded empathy made a huge difference in my experience of labor, by turns soothing, energizing and sustaining me. So many of my sensory memories of that amazing day involve you, Anna--massaging my lower back, laying a cool towel on my forehead, holding water to my lips. At the same time, you were totally attuned to my husband and mother as well--preparing them food, encouraging them to rest, stoking the woodstove--so that they too could be fully present for me. You saw, and met, everyone's needs, all with your characteristic quiet, loving grace. Your presence was a gift."
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