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I am a mother, daughter, sister, farmer, doula, and Certified Professional Midwife.

My Journey:

In 2017 I completed my studies with the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, working through their midwifery course towards becoming a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife). 

After completion of my coursework,  and beginning my doula career, I began apprenticing with a wonderful local home birth midwifery practice: Sacred Birth Midwifery.  I worked, learned and grew with Sacred Birth Midwifery from 2018 until 2023, at which time our greenhouse business had grown beyond my two full-time jobs.  In trying to find a better harmony between work life balance,  I have now returned to doula work and a smaller client load.

I completed my CPM in 2022

I completed my doula training with TOLabor in 2014.  

I am CPR certified

and certified in neonatal resuscitation.

who i am 

My Story:

I was interested in doula work before I became pregnant with my first baby, and was very committed to natural childbirth.  I have always been a great believer that our bodies should be able to do the things they were designed to do - thus it came with great surprise how hard it was to give birth to my first son.  I left his birth feeling hurt and dis-empowered.  I felt like this could not be the way that birth should feel- and felt certain there was another way.  This led me deeper into my desire to work as a doula - and through this work I began taking classes with the Massachusetts Midwifery Alliance.  Amidst my work and my classes, I gave birth to my second son - and had the experience of an empowering and beautiful  birth- one that I will cherish forever.  I believe all women can have a birth they feel empowered by - no matter what the outcome.  It is now through the births and pregnancies of other women- that I am reminded how strong and special- as women- we are.  I am grateful to all the mothers who choose to share their experience with me.  In turn - my hope is to provide them with the information, nurturing, and guidance so that their birth(s) have the potential to bring them joy and confidence in who they are.

I have attended over 180 people through the prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum period.

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