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I believe that ALL women should have the opportunity to give birth in the way that feels best to them
I have attended births in both the hospital and home settings, and have given birth in both of these settings as well.

I believe that all women have the ability to give birth naturally- if this is what they choose.  I consider it my role as a doula to help mom's feel informed as they navigate the world of pregnancy, birth, and to remind women of their choices and their power over their own bodies along the way.

It is my role as a doula to help women navigate the immense amount of options and choices they are faced with as new mothers, by providing them with more places to get information, and to be a support person while they are in labor - to help remind them of their 'birth dream'.  I view my role in any birth room as
'A holder of space', that no matter where a woman's birth may lead - I am there with her- holding the space of the birth she envisioned. 

This does not mean that all of my clients will have their 'dream birth' -no birth is a planned event- but my hope is that they leave their birth feeling whole, and held throughout the process.  

We can surround women in love, but it is they themselves who must complete the journey.

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